Cougar Crossings

cover_CC_largeMusic by David Bowie and Tin Machine, Loreena McKennitt

Filmed in the untamed wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, this documentary TV Special is educational, entertaining and packed with breathtaking scenery. The film tells a ‘rite of passage’ story of two orphaned cougar cubs.

Set in the coastal rainforests of Vancouver Island in Western North America, the cougar capital of the world, these young cougars learn to survive on their trek down from a mountaintop. Encounters with other wildlife and humans heighten their adventure.

Hunger and curiosity take their toll drawing them into logging areas, livestock farms, and backyards with pets and children. Cougar Crossings investigates the myths and truths of these mysterious lions of the Americas.

Aired on CTV Canada and in Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, Israel and Middle East.


“Your video trailer is an excellent production-very well done!”
Robert Bateman Studio

“Thank-you for all of your teams’ work on the delivery for Cougar Crossings. I know it has been a long road for you and you put your all into it…the real story is about humans crossing into their (wildlife) territory…your idea is extremely relevant and would interest many viewers.”
Minds Eye International – Managing Director… PAUL BLACK

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you and everyone that worked on Cougar Crossings for a job extremely well done”.
CFCF Montreal – Vice President, Programming… BILL MERRILL

“Your persistence and confidence in your project have definitely paid off. Congratulations on seeing your vision become reality. The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation is very proud to have assisted you in your endeavor”.
Canada Trust Friends of the Environment – National Manager, Operations… GAVIN THOMPSON

“Thanks for involving us in the previewing of the cougar film. We all enjoyed watching it and listening to your experiences.”
Alberta Wilderness Association – Director… SHIRLEY BRAY

“Cougar Crossings…supports our work in rehabilitation and education…it is important that the information about this species and others gets properly out to the public…The individuals involved have a great respect for the work they are doing and the species.”
Wildlife Rescue Association of BC – Executive Director… JIM HEATON

“The presentation of issues and facts makes this an excellent educational film, which I highly recommend.”
Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society – Acting Education and Communications Coordinator… ANDREA STEVENS

“Supernatural. To the point. Well thought out. Well written. Work well as documentary…highlighting the role big cats play in the Eco system, is very accurate and timely.”
Boundary Bay Game Farm Ltd… LAURI PAIVARINTA

“I applaud any filmmaker with the vision, compassion and tenacity to commit itself to a cougar project. Undeterred, the Cougar Crossings crew has demonstrated solid research in combination with a methodical approach in the field…being of excellent quality.”
Western Canada Wilderness Committee – BET’R Campaign Director… ANTHONY MARR

“(Cougar Crossings) is very well done, with a great deal of really excellent photography”.
eFootage – Los Angeles, CA… PAUL LISY

“Thank you for the tape. They are indeed beautiful animals. The footage is great.”
Sunburnt Pictures – Rushcutters Bay, NSW, Australia… Neil O’Hare

“I viewed the video and enjoyed it…we can use the video in our cougar safety talk in schools, service clubs etc.”
Conservation Officer… KEN FUJINO

“I believe this film would be a wonderful addition to my resource library and would be a great educational tool.”
Predators of the Canadian Rockies – President… DIANNA M. SHAW

“Your company shows strong promise to be Canada’s leading producer of extremely high quality feature documentaries.”
Power Communications – President… ERIC GREEN

“I want the viewers to feel an emotional response by intimately sharing in the wild life of cougar cubs Roxy and Kaos, and in turn be encouraged to respect animals and take positive actions to preserve the environment.”
Writer / Director / Producer… MATTHEW TODD PAPROSKI

“Educational video being rushed to market after fatal cougar attack. It was the most serious…run in between people and cougars…that have conservation officers in Banff, Canmore and Pincher Creek deal with cougar sightings near residential areas”.
Calgary Herald 02/16/01… GRADY SEMMONS

“The Jan 2. Killing of 30-year-old skier Frances Frost by a cougar makes the one-hour documentary…all the more timely, say wildlife experts”.
Calgary Sun 02/13/01… KRISTA DUCKWORTH

“Billed as a coming of age story about a pair of cougars abandoned by the mother, the film is punctuated with several vignettes which give the film an in-depth, 60 Minutes-type feel”.
North Shore News 12/29/00… JAN-CHRISTIAN SORENSEN

“Audiences around the world will see a new documentary on cougars…”
Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadow News 12/6/00… KAREN MARK

“…Paproski is committed to making films about the (huge amount) of wildlife in his homeland…”
Television Business International “Hidden Talents” July/August 2000… KEELY WINSTONE

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