Fire Attack

cover_FA_largeHosted by Star Trek’s William Shatner. Music by Bruce Cockburn, David Foster, Tim Feehan and Brian  “Too Loud” MacLeod

Wildfire is an awesome, yet destructive power and now a global ecological crisis! Never before has this peacetime war with nature been chronicled with dramatic cinematography and a dynamic soundtrack.
Major disasters of recent history are revealed in rare archival footage from Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Camera crews on location, profile elite ‘emergency response’ initial attack teams and air support groups.

Fire Attack is exciting, informative entertainment for all those that care about the environment.

Aired on Global TV Canada, Discovery US and various foreign networks.



“ I am especially aware of the timeliness of the general release of FIRE-ATTACK. As host of the program, I was impressed by the in-depth look at fire- both the wild, natural variety and the man-made ones. It is a truly educational piece for a wide audience. I am proud to be associated with such a project.”

“The film examines the environmental repercussions of forest fire…It is rather jazzily shot and edited.”
The Globe and Mail… LIAM LACEY

“Packed with information, the film examines the problem of urban encroachment into wilderness areas and the risk of disaster…Fast paced and full of action, the film takes a music video approach…The result is riveting as well as educational.”
The Province Newspaper…DEBI PELLETIER

“Mother Nature in all her fiery rage and the brave men who are often the last line of defense against her, are the focus of this spectacularly shot wildfire documentary.”
The Columbia House Video Club

“I should like to express my appreciation for the approach you have taken…in the sense that the best tradition of documentary film-making will be combined with high entertainment quality; thus hopefully providing a good impact towards broad awareness about the issues in question.”
United Nations Officer-in-Charge…FILIPPO ALESSI

“I am interested in using FIRE -ATTACK as an aid for fire prevention programs, fire suppression training and general public education…I felt this film was well done and served to document a little known activity where modern man is still confronted by a dynamic natural phenomenon.”
U.S. National Park Service Officer…DAVID C. LENTZ

“I find it to be well balanced with a good storyline. I am confident that it will serve the Forest Fire Prevention Community well and be an additional and powerful tool in teaching the prevention of wildfire.”
Canadian Forestry Association President…W.K. FULLERTON

“Forest fire and its environmental impact. A very slick presentation. An interesting film with some excellent photography. Purchase approval.”
Vancouver School Board Evaluator…A.G. GOLF

“This film not only showed the hard work and dangers of forest fire fighting but gave a clear indication that it was a ‘team effort’. I feel it would be useful for all the junior firefighters to see and be of great interest to them.”
Nova Scotia Junior Fire Brigade Parent…HEATHER HECTOR

“…It’s vitally important to me that I purchase a copy. I’ve found this series the best ever produced! I fought fire from Australia to Alaska from 1970 to present and want this for myself as a training aid for my current department.”
Resident of Irrigon, Oregon…GREG HUDGENS

“It is my hope that FIRE-ATTACK will educate the global community about both wildfire prevention and environmental preservation. It is also my hope that FIRE –ATTACK will serve as a tribute to the many fire-fighters and civilians who have had to suffer loss of home or life because of wildfire.”

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