Wildlife Wranglers

cover_WW-1_largeWildlife Wranglers is an intimate behind the scenes look at the making of the documentary Cougar Crossings. Filmed in the wilderness of Alberta and British Columbia, this 13 part series is educational, entertaining, and packed with exciting action footage and breathtaking scenery. This series marks the emergence of one of Canada’s premiere wildlife filmmakers, Matthew Todd Paproski. He leads a determined and dedicated team through the trials and tribulations of filming Roxy and Chaos, two cougar cubs learning how to co-exist with man in an ever-changing landscape.

We get a rare and enthusiastic look at the world facing today’s wild animals, intelligently and deftly presented by Matt and his crew. We preview work on their next documentary Wolf Crossings, starring wolf pup Aurora. She is seen adapting to her new surroundings, people and working in films. Learning how to hunt, the difference between predator and prey, and man as friend or foe – are just a few of the things Aurora has to come to terms with…




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