Starland Studios Inc. is a full-service, independent production company based in Drumheller, Alberta. Besides providing traditional production services, we are also an online distributor of new media projects.

It is the perfect time to work with a studio in Alberta. It is the early days of the Alberta media industries before it booms as it has in Ontario and British Columbia. Now with most resource-based industries not doing well in recent economic times, major new efforts are being made to diversify into growth industries including film, arts, technology and tourism. And with renewed and increased support by federal Liberal Trudeau, provincial NDP Notley and Calgary Mayor Nenshi governments, there is more funding coming.

Nearby the City of Calgary now has a brand new state-of-the-art film studio facility and growing numbers of foreign producers are scouting from the Rockies to the West and Badlands to the East. From big budgets to music videos many producers go to the spectacular Drumheller Valley, the most filmed area in Alberta. Many film and photography clients are now communicating with us about undertaking new projects here.

Starland is filming content on an ongoing basis and arranges licensing with global stock footage houses. It is now creating footage for TV series Wildlife Wranglers: Season Two, developing feature film Wolf Walker and working on other special projects in-house and co-produced with other talented filmmakers.

Our website www.starlandstudios.com is designed to provide a platform for our full service company and to be an online distribution hub using Vimeo and Youtube to monetize content by us and other producers. We are also utilizing a Facebook page and social media networks like google, twitter, pinterest and reddit.

We currently distribute: TV specials Fire Attack with host William Shatner and Cougar Crossings with music by Tin Machine with David Bowie, TV series Wildlife Wranglers: Season One and TV pilot First Response’.

Our marketing strategy involves a global campaign promoting Starland Studios as a new brand with a store, services and projects as well as being the home of the Wildlife Wranglers TV series. After clients visit www.starlandstudios.com it is hoped they will enjoy the content on the website and purchase our films on Vimeo, retain our production services or work with us on our or their projects.


Producer / Director / Writer / Performer Matthew Todd Paproski

Consulting Producer David W. G. Mackenzie

Web / Social Media Brian Yanish

Camera / Post Production Jon Sheppard

Human Resources Laura Dougan

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