Wildlife Wrangers, Season Two: Making Wolf Crossings


TV Series (13 X ½ hr.)

While making film about raising cougar cubs in Season One, Wildlife Wranglers raise wolf pup Aurora. Season Two is about wolves Aurora and mate Timber being raised and working in wildlife film projects.

Development support from Alberta Multimedia Fund, CTV Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatchewan.

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Wolf Crossings


Documentary (1 hour)

New research and controversial initiatives being undertaken by government are revealed about hunting wolves using helicopters, poison and experimental techniques for trying to stem the plummet in Cariboo in Northern Canada, when actual reason is exploitation of the oil sands by multinational oil companies.

Development support from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

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Wolf Walker



Feature Film (90 min.)

Do monsters and aliens really exist or are they just a metaphor for what man is capable of at his worst?
Could a lost young woman with mental disabilities really have been raised as a Wild Child by wolves?
Is her ex-boyfriend a Wolf Walker that is human when angry and kills things in the wake of her escape?

The youngwoman finds help from a broken family that by helping her, ends up also helping themselves.

Development support from Alberta Multimedia Fund.

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Journey to the Wolf Capital

Web Series (10 X 2 min.)

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Canada, wolves Aurora and Timber are taken on a journey to the Wolf Capital of the World, Thompson, Manitoba and are welcomed and revered by aboriginal chiefs.

Development support from Spirit Way Inc. of Thompson, Manitoba.

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Film Friendly Drumheller

Video (4 min.)

Since prehistoric times, people have been attracted to outdoor adventure experiences creating stunning images of the unique landscapes of Drumheller. A serious photographer with new camera gear boards a helicopter at Horseshoe Canyon. As he flies, he daydreams and visualizes himself in scenes throughout the history of Drumheller, from early carver and painter to photographer, tourist and movie cameraman.

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Starland Film Festival

Previously held successfully in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, now intending to be held in Drumheller, it features films about natural history, wildlife, agriculture, energy, veterans and people with disabilities, with accompanying music, art, food and drink festivals. It will also involve a media business trade show.

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