Cree sisters ‘Moody x 2’ from Manitoba embarking on ‘SONGS FOR WOLVES’ tour to Alberta.

Appear 8pm, May 4 at Newcastle Pub in Drumheller and 3pm, May 5 at SpringFest in East Coulee.

Launch of 6th album, Only Up From Here by singers Natashia and Alexandria Moodie (with writer Chris Burke-Gafney) being independently distributed by producer Starland Studios via Bandcamp & CDbaby to Spotify, Itunes, Amazon…

Launching music video Mahekan by Starland Studios & director Matt Paproski (with appearances by Chief Arlen Dumas and real Timber Wolves) 

AND, filming music video for new song Universe at SpringFest and the Drumheller Hoo Doos with Toronto cinematographer Ze Zefred providing his experience, cameras and Steadicam services.

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada: President of Starland Studios Matthew Todd Paproski says “We are proud to be bringing this Moody x 2 tour from Manitoba to Alberta and sharing their upbeat and positive music with the public. It is refreshing to hear optimism in a world that has been becoming more divided”.

Natashia and sister Alexandria are Wolf Clan from Nelson House (Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation) in northern Manitoba and public speakers on bullying, suicide prevention and missing & murdered women. Their influences are Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Buffy St. Marie. They work with writer Chris Burke-Gaffeny who helped launch Chantal Kreviazuk, McMaster& James, Sierra Noble and Mackenzie Porter.

Natashia Moodie says “I can’t believe we are both mothers with three daughters each, and since age of eleven have sang 22 years, received an Indigenous Music Award nomination for Best Pop Album in 2015 and now our sixth album Only Up From Here is being released and has been requested by SiriusXM”. She is hoping that by launching outside of Manitoba in Alberta, they will be able to reach new audiences.

Paproski says “In my quest to find soundtrack music for our documentary film How Will Wolves Survive? Natashia and Alexandria wrote a song called Mahekan about wolves, their totem animal, when they were children, and rewrote and recorded it for us. I was very honored to direct and produce its music video that features the sisters, a cameo by Manitoba Grand Chief Arlen Dumas and our wolves Timber and Aurora. It is fate their childhood wolf song now ends up in our project with other artists called Songs for Wolves”.

“To that end, a new music video for song Universe is being shot and will also be in our documentary. It will be filmed at their concerts at the Newcastle Pub and East Coulee SpringFest, amongst rare Hoo Doos and at scenic locations in the Drumheller Valley. Ze Zefred (Frederic Ansaldo), a talented filmmaker and CGI artist from France based in Toronto, is flying in and providing his cameras and Steadicam services”.

“It is a historic moment as we are building creative bridges with indigenous artists to help wildlife such as wolves. We are also grateful Moody x 2 are breaking out here in our Drumheller community which is rich with musical talent. We even have an all-star cast of local musicians accompanying the singers: on drums, Jerry Roberto; lead guitar, Layne Syvertsen; bass guitar, Chris Foisier; and on keyboards, Paul Rosgen. Special thanks to East Coulee SpringFest, Newcastle Pub, DCT Promotions and Town of Drumheller.”

Matthew Todd Paproski is a respected filmmaker of global TV specials Fire Attack with host William Shatner and Cougar Crossings with music by David Bowie; is host of TV series Wildlife Wranglers in Canada, Europe, Russia, Africa, Israel and the Middle East; and founder of Starland Studios, a full service media production company, online distributor and animal sanctuary, based in Drumheller, Alberta.

For information, please contact: Laura Dougan, Em: Ph: 403-334-1450

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